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Langton Blue specialises in bringing clarity where ambiguity exists around technology, operations and finance. Key to the process is understanding the influence these areas have on each other. Our team has skills in managing the complexities of bringing all parts of IT and business together to work in harmony.



Langton Blue has a unique approach to addressing problems throughout the lifecycle of an IT service; a focused assessment for getting under the covers of a problem, understanding the contributing factors. In essence, viewing the “bigger picture”.


Managing the technology risk in your organisation, across an ever increasing complexity of software and hardware, can be daunting.  We take the lid off this complexity, reducing it to clear, actionable endeavours.  With our FTS100 hands-on operational experience and “baked-in” security behaviours, we can help you be secure by default, minimising the change to your orgnisation.  The answer is rarely a single product, or three, but a careful blend of education, processes and products, baked into a delicious recipe for peaceful sleep.   help you plan the banquet, for when that incident happens.


Storage is now more complex and diversified than ever before.  We track trends in all-flash, hybrid, object and scale out storage solutions, with knowledge and expertise to guide you on your choice of the right product and platform for your business.  Perhaps you’re looking at transformation and need help planning and migrating data between providers; or you’re evaluating options for moving storage to the cloud.  Whatever it is, we can help.


Moving your services,  intellectual property and data from here to there and back again is something we have all taken for-granted for many years.  The advent of cloud encourages us to push the boundaries of our networking capability, in ways that we have not done before.  We can help you understand the implications of a cloud service model, helping you establish your cloud vendors’ readiness to operate your infrastructure for you, over the network lifeline between you and it.


Private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, the choices are endless.  However migrating your applications to the cloud is not just about the technology; cloud represents a new way of thinking, bringing in new processes and application design.  We’ve used our expertise and knowledge to successfully migrate customer applications on IaaS and SaaS solutions, putting in place frameworks to make sure cloud providers are delivering to the service levels of the business.

Hitachi’s Evolving Data Management Strategy

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post over at the Architecting IT Blog talking about what we can expect for storage in 2015.  This coming year I believe we need to see more on the management of data and less of a focus on storage hardware per-se.  To a certain... read more

NetApp: A Business in Stagnation

Chris Mellor recently posted an interesting review of NetApp’s financial position, following on from the release of their latest financial figures for the period 3Q/2015.  The comments posted to the article show a pretty polarised view; 50% of the commenters... read more

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