Hyper-Converged Solutions – A Threat To Low End Storage?

This week has seen two interesting announcements from vendors that will challenge the need for storage at the lower small and medium sized business end of the market. The first came from Nutanix, a startup that offers hyper-converged solutions, merging compute and storage and removing the need for dedicated SAN equipment.  In a press release [...]

2013 – The Year of Flash?

2013 – The year of Flash? Solid state or flash technology as a permanent storage medium has been around for some years now.  However with the activity occurring over the last 12 months, we can say that 2013 marked the arrival of flash as a mainstream technology, accessible to more businesses than ever.  Looking back [...]

UK’s Failing Broadband Strategy

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of comments about the alleged bias towards BT in awarding contracts for the rollout of rural broadband, with all 26 contracts awarded to the company.  Sadly this reflects the lack of strategy and ambition in the government’s broadband policy, plus the assumption that everything can be moved [...]

Responsible User Security

This weekend has seen a flurry of security breaches on websites, something that’s becoming more and more of an issue.  The latest sites to be hacked are Apple’s Developer website and Ubuntu’s ubuntuforum.org. Apple issued the following email over the weekend: Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from [...]

The Lethargy of Change

In my last post I discussed my disappointment in the closedown of Microsoft’s TechNet subscription service.  One of the reasons the company has been able to take such a radical step is to take advantage of human nature and the aversion to change.  Here’s why. Like all good Microsoft products, the third version of Windows is where [...]

Microsoft Closes Down TechNet

Today Microsoft announced via email that they will be closing their TechNet subscription offering in favour of 180-evaluations and using the Azure cloud.  A final subscription can be purchased before 31 August 2013, 12 months after which entitlements will expire. There is no doubt for many people TechNet has been a way to get hold [...]

Implementing Transferable Digital Rights

Details have recently emerged on an Apple patent that aims to enable transferable digital rights management (DRM) on content such as music and ebooks.  This idea represents a very interesting step forward in how content purchased online should be managed in perpetuity. I have had an interest in DRM for some time.  At the turn [...]

The Private to Public Cloud Journey

Many organisations, large and small, are looking at Cloud Computing as an opportunity to move away from their traditional service (or infrastructure) delivery models and adopt services that provide them more flexibility, a move to OpEx rather than CapEx management and the opportunity to focus on the business’ core skills.  However the steps to reaching [...]

Learning From The Past

As part of the discussions at the recent IP Expo Steering Committee (of which I’m involved), I raised the subject of learning within IT.  By this I don’t mean the way in which it is taught in schools (that’s a conversation for another day), but rather the way successive generations of IT professionals use the [...]

Is the Enterprise Ready for Cloud?

The title ofthis post could quite easily have been asked in reverse – is Cloud ready for the enterprise? Either way, understanding what IT means to the Enterprise is fundamental to answering the question. The attached diagram (I’ll hold short of calling it an infographic) explains how the Enterprise has evolved over the last 30 [...]